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Improving Community Participation in Natural Resource Governance

Written by Tina Pimentel

In the Philippines, communities can be involved in developing social and community programs with extractive companies' support, such as the construction of schools, hospitals and roads. Communities are then involved in monitoring the terms of contracts and…


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News round-up: offshore scandals in West Africa, the new conflict mineral and more

A semi-regular round-up of the latest news re: the extractive sector and transparency. You can also read the post, with images and GIFs, here.

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Improving livelihoods through cooperation and regulation in small-scale mining? - Mining Cooperatives in Western Liberia

In April 2018, 15 miners were awarded with a certificate making them the third cooperative in Liberia. The eleven men and four women from Kawallahum, close to the Sierra Leonean border, formed the “Mano River Kongo Mining & Agricultural Multipurpose Cooperative Society”. As licensed diamond miners, they were trained on how to (financially) manage and lead a cooperative over the past two months.…


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The Responsible Mining Index is not a responsible mining index

The Responsible Mining Index came out a few weeks ago and it’s a very interesting read and resource. It’s already helped me in my research and I am very glad for it’s existence. If you’ve not yet checked it out, do. It’s well thought through, gathers lots of information which is attractively presented and in so doing makes widely accessible useful and interesting information. So far, well done.

It is not, however, an…


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Talking Points: Marange Diamond Mining Under ZCDC


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Urgent: Free our colleague Ali Idrissa, jailed for doing his job

by Elisa Peter, Executive Director, Publish What You Pay

La version française ici: http://www.publishwhatyoupay.org/fr/urgent-liberez-ali-idrissa/

Our colleague and friend, Ali Idrissa, is in jail. By using spurious charges against him for the third time, the government of Niger pursue their disgraceful harassment of the anti-corruption movement. I urge them to see sense and free Ali and…


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Beneficiarios Finales en el Perú, ¿y en las Industrias Extractivas, cómo vamos?

La transparencia en materia de beneficiarios finales se encuentra (por fin) en la agenda nacional. Y no es para menos, pues, al día de hoy, el Perú no cuenta con una definición de beneficiarios finales en ninguna norma con rango de ley. 

Dos intentos de regulación legislativa se vienen dando en lo que va del año y tienen el objetivo de luchar contra la evasión y elusión fiscal tributaria y el lavado de activos…


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Challenging Cultural Norms in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Crucial to Improving Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women who work in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) face economic, decision-making, legal and institutional exclusions due to cultural norms. This is the finding of a new report from the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF).

ASM is a complex and diversified sector, ranging from informal individual miners seeking a subsistence livelihood to…


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Tanzanian Mining-sector Governance in the context of “Magufuli the Unexpected”

Governance can be thought of, generically, as "the lateral and inter-institutional relations in administration.." (p.235) or, alternatively, the "manner through which power is exercised in the management of a…


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Did you miss any of the 2017-2018 Goxi Learning Series? Highlights and links here

The Governance of Extractive Industries (Goxi) Learning Series was one of our flagship events.  This initiative was a partnership between the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency,…


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How to ensure communities living near mining activities get a better deal

How to ensure communities living near mining activities get a better deal

File 20180503 153878 1s8fa0p.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


Ross Harvey, South African Institute of International Affairs

The South African government and the…


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New Discussion Paper on Sub-National Payments in Kenya's Oil Sector

This paper aims to give an overview of revenue benefit sharing in the context of Kenya’s oil development in Turkana. It outlines the importance of revenue sharing; what the different proposed formulas may mean with respect to the cash value of transfers to sub-national levels; assesses absorptive capacity of Turkana county as this has been put forward as justifying the proposed revenue sharing formula as contained in the current Bill and concludes with recommendations for both national and…


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OGP and the EITI – creating a transparency circle

Yellow: OGP Countries, blue: EITI countries, purple: EITI-OGP countries.

Since its inception, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has encouraged its resource-rich members to commit to joining the EITI. NRGI carried out a review of commitments made under…


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UK’s overseas territories to have beneficial ownership registers

On 1 May, the UK parliament voted to accept an amendment to the sanctions and anti-money laundering bill on Tuesday that requires the UK’s overseas territories to publish public registers of company ownership by the end of 2020. The territories include Anguilla, Bermuda, British…


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How to Measure the Success of Your Sustainability Strategy

Measuring progress on sustainability is a complex task as it’s always hard to see the value of an intangible asset. However, even if they’re still not quite obvious to everyone yet, intangible assets are as impactful as tangible assets to business profitability.

Stakeholders now ask organizations to be socially and environmentally sustainable, as well as to adhere…


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Crowdfunding Mining Exploration in Canada

In an already risky and expensive business, true innovation can be hard to justify, as proven technologies are an easier sell than those requiring a leap of faith. With the mining industry experiencing a decline in productivity over the past decade, adopting innovative approaches is crucial for the sector’s continued success.

However, innovation…


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Sustainable Mining Action Plan (SMAP) - a joint project between GIZ, DFID and CCCMC

Online-Perception Survey for project "Sustainable Mining Action Plan (SMAP)" in China: Please share & participate! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SMAP_01"

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The subnational effects of the natural resource curse: Three-session panels at LASA 2018

For the first time the annual Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) will take place at an European city: Barcelona. Also, for the first time, LASA will host three panels on the emerging literature of the "subnational resource curse". The main objective of the sessions is to review and discuss empirical research on the…


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Anjin Return: An Acid Test For The New Dispensation


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Armed with evidence: Zambia requires mining companies to cough up records

Co-authored by Eneya Maseko, Extractive Industries Program Coordinator for Oxfam in Zambia.

In a move that will hopefully reduce corporate tax avoidance in Zambia’s mining sector, multinational companies must now document all their “related party transactions” to show they aren’t using them to reduce their tax bill.

Traffic lights and speed limits set rules for driving on the road.  But traffic cameras and…


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